I can’t imagine a life without sports and physical activity.

I love seeing people’s surprised reaction when I tell them that I work out 4 times a week, play sports, and engage in other physical activities on a weekly basis.

In a city where time is never enough and the fear of getting left behind looms large in the population, it sounds incredulous to hear someone waking up at 5 (“wasting” sleep) just to work out in the morning.

It’s just not a common thing.

But I believe that by moulding my lifestyle around sports and fitness, I directly and indirectly contributed to my past achievements, continue to ground me in the present, and will support me in the long-term future.

It’s also definitely not something to be boastful of.

Committing to physical activity is merely a way of life that a small minority of the population has chosen for themselves. There’s no guarantee that by living such a life, I’d be free of any kind of illness. I can’t be certain that by dedicating my early mornings to exercise, that which is usually promoted as “the routine of successful people”, I’d be able to achieve the same levels of success. It doesn’t work that way.

But it’s what works for me.