It’s a simple framework.

Expansion <> Optimization

Education, work, relationship, business expansion, and many other things can follow this relatively simple heuristic for clarity when events in life seem to be moving too slowly.

Education: explore multiple topics, find out which topics you really want to dive deeper in, then soak up all the relevant knowledge in that field until you’re better than 99% of the people in this world or when you can teach it to a child. Repeat.

Work: expand your responsibilites or don’t say no to opportunities that allow you try something new, execute to the best of your current abilities, then pick one path and acquire or improve your skill sets for that new path. Repeat.

Relationship: go out and meet many people at once, think of who you connect with the most, then make an effort to maintain and continuously upgrade those relationships. Repeat.

Business expansion: spend a small amount of money trying out new channels for acquiring customers, see which one provides the best return on invested resource (may that be money, time, or effort), then go all in on that one channel optimizing for customer quantity and quanlity while lowered unit costs.

Expand, optimize, expand, optimize, expand, optimize..