Ever since I started keeping a daily journal, I document and list down all the articles that I’ve read over the week. I always save them in markdown format for easier retrieval in the future. It also looks really nice if your notes app displays markdown language properly.

It is a convenient little tool that helps you copy the clean markdown format (without the UTM tracking parameters) of the page you’re currently viewing, perfect for when sharing articles to people.

This little tool does 3 things:

  • Strip out all the UTM parameters in the URL
  • Format the URL into markdown format
  • Copy to clipboard

It comes in 2 forms:

  • Bookmarklet1
  • Apple Shortcuts
    1. You can drag the “bookmarklet” link to your browser and use it immediately!

    Source: The bookmarklet came from combining this bookmarklet that copies the page in markdown to your clipboard and this bookmarklet that strips the URL of UTM parameters.