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區塊鏈的應用(譯自:Naval Ravikant)

推特原文:Naval on Twitter: “1/ Blockchains will replace networks with markets.” 1. 區塊鏈將取代擁有網絡效應的市場。 Blockchains will replace networks with markets. 2. 人類是第一個能夠跨基因邊界連接其他人類的種類。這也讓人類稱霸地球。 Humans are the networked species. The first species to network across genetic boundaries and thus seize

Is Organic Traffic Better for A/B Testing than Paid Traffic?

This topic came up from a conversation with a fellow product manager. I tried my best to answer the question but found it quite unsatisfactory so here I am putting my thoughts into writing in another attempt to answer this

What is Performance Marketing?

The inspiration for this post came from a real work encounter with colleagues who are only familiar with the traditional way of doing marketing. In their world view, marketing means getting your brand out there, letting everyone and anyone see

Sports After University Athletics

I can’t imagine a life without sports and physical activity. I love seeing people’s surprised reaction when I tell them that I work out 4 times a week, play sports, and engage in other physical activities

Owning the Chaos

Things go wrong, and they always do. Working in an early-stage startup, I have my fair share of near-breakdowns and office walk-outs from all the negative energy resulting from things going wrong. Clients calling in angrily to complain, coworkers getting

Expansion <> Optimization

It’s a simple framework. Expansion <> Optimization Education, work, relationship, business expansion, and many other things can follow this relatively simple heuristic for clarity when events in life seem to be moving too slowly. Education: explore multiple

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